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More ties per strip

By working forwards from the rear, each tie can be used more than once. Just tie, cut off any excess, and use the remainder again. This minimises the number of ties you need, and greatly reduces waste.

Segregates cables

Alternatively, loop the same tie around the next bundle, and quickly space and segregate your cables for easier identification.


Quick releasable

To remove, simply reinsert the tongue through the smae cell and pull back through. Ties can also be left primed for later quick-release to dramatically speed up maintenance.

Spiral bindings

The soft & flexibel nature of tie allows for some creative cable management, and long bundles an easily be contained by windind ties around them. (Tip: join straps together for even longer runs)

Controllable tension

Unlike cable ties or hook & loop bands, the new ties are semi-elasticated and can provide de optimun level of restraint on your cables. Ties can be applied either loose or tight, and will even grip vertical risers.

Protects sensitive cable

Ties expands when tightened and won’t crush or damage cables. Traditional nylon ties can create pinchpoints that distort twisted-pair spirals and degrade performance.Ties prevent this.

No sharp edges

By using flexible high-grade polymers, ties are far softer than traditional ties made from hard nylon. This makes ties easy to cut without leaving behing dangerous sharp points.



Audio and video cables, computer cables, control cables, network installation, pipes, hoses and tubing, waste bags, general maintenance.

Especially suited for Cat5 and Cat6 cables because the cables don’t get damaged and the signal is not distorted.


Technical Data:

Width: 10.0 mm
Lenght: 300.0 mm
Thickness: 1.3 mm
nº cells: 40
Strap Weight: 2.9 gr
Max. Loop Dia.: 175 mm
Max. Stretch: 80%
Ties per Strap*: 3-5* Depending on application
Loop Strength: 12 kg
Temp Range: -20ºC a 60ºC



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