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This cable is used for Audio & Video application (RGBHV) it offers a minimum signal delay between pairs of 2 ns/100mtrs. The cable is designed for fixed installations.

Conductor  Cu 0.56 mm (23 AWG)
Insulation   1.35 mm Foam PE
Shield   Aluminium foil shield per pair / Overall Braided Tin copper shield 65%
General Jacket  7.5 mm
  FRLSHF (NPI+HF) IEC 60332-3-25 EN 50266-2-5 CEI 20-22/3-5 (test for vertical flame spread)
  EN 50267-2-1 (Test on gases involved during combustion of material from cables)
  EN 50268-1 (Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under define conditions)
Electrical Properties  Nominal impedance @ 600MHz (Ω) - 100 ± 25
  Capacitance between conductor to conductor @ 1Khz ( pF/m) - 43
  Loop Resistance (Ω/km) - 150
  Delay Skew (ns/100m) - ± 2


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