Brand: Percon
Product Code: A801
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Crimp tool designed to provide consistent and reliable connections on BNC, coaxial connectors, etc
Durable: mininum of 50000 cycles. Easily interchangeable die sets.

Tool: 5083PP/5083PPG

Tool Die  BNC  Cable
5084-P  5089-P  5031-V, 5008-V, 5007-V, 5141-V,5182-V, 5173-V VK6 (0,8/3,7), VK95 (RG59[0,6/3,7]), RG 58, VK39 1/3 (BBC PSF 1/3)VK66, 63,3C-2V, 8241, 1505A, KX6A, Image 720, Telass 80, L3CFB, L4CFB
5085-P  5090-P 5018-HDTV, 5031-HDTV, 5031-V,5008-V, 5032-V, 5141-V, 5182-V,5185-V, 5173-V, 5182-HDTV VK1, VK2 (0,4/1,85), VK6(0,8/3.7), VK11, VK12, VK95 (RG59[0,6/3,7]),RG179, VR3FLEX, VR5FLEX, VK63, VK66, VK200, VK300, VK420, VK520,VK540, VK620, VK2224, VK39 1/3 (BBC PSF 1/3), 3C-2V, 8241, 1505A, KX6A, Image 720, Telass 80, L3CFB, L4CFB
5088-P 5093-P 5035-HDTV, 5035-V VK7(1,0/4,8), RG6, VK73, 1694A, 7710A, 7711A, 7712A, 7713A, 9248, Image1000, SDV-F, SDV-L, L-5CF, L-5CFB
5095-P 5094-P 5018-HDTV, 5018-V VK2(0,4/1,85), VK12, VK11, VR3FLEX, VR5FLEX, RG179DT
5100-P 5101-P 5031-HDTV, 5031-V, 5017-HDTV,5017-V, 5008-V, 5141-V, 5182-V,5184-V, 5185-V, 5173-V, 5182-HDTV VK5(0,6/2,8), VK6(0,8/3,7), VK95(RG59[0,6/3,7]), VK63, VK66, VK3065,VK4065, VK5065, VK6065, VK8065, VK5378, VK8376, VK10065,TVL series, VK 39 1/3 (BBC PSF 1/3), 3C-2V, 8241,1505A, KX6A, Image 720,Telass 80, L3CFB, L4CFB, 1855A, 46899, Image 360, SDV, L-2, 5C2V, 2964


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