VK70 Silver+ copper 5GHZ 3G HD Cable

VK70 Silver+ copper 5GHZ 3G HD Cable
Brand: Percon
Product Code: VK70Silver
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Silver+ Coaxial video cable for digital applications. Can carry serial data interface (SDI) and high definition television formats (HDTV) according to SMPTE 259M (270Mbps), ITU-R BT.601 (composite PAL at 177Mbps) , SMPTE 292M (1,5Gbps) and SMPTE 424M (Prog. Scan. HDTV/3GSDI). It is also used for analogue critical circuits.Perfect for installations in environments with
interferences (power cables, transformers, electronic light controls (dimmers) or mobile phones) due to the high depth of penetration, the low transference impedance and the minimum DC resistance of its double shield (polished copper/polyester tape and 95% copper braid) that increases the reflections of the electric fields as well as the absortion of the magnetic fields, offering an attenuation
over 110 dB before high, medium and low frequency electromagnetic signals.


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